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Frequently Asked Questions for Manufacturers, Factory Owners and Exporters

What is is the only WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR that makes is it EASY to buy products at Factory-Direct Wholesale Prices.

We help Wholesalers, Retailers and Bulk Buyers discover new products and take advantage of our factory-direct best-price offerings.

We buy products directly from Manufacturers, Factories, and Brands, cutting out the middleman, offering you the best unbeatable wholesale prices at Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors. We invite you to browse and explore our curated product collection online at


I am a Manufacturer, Factory owner, Exporter or Brand, could you help distribute and sell my products?

Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors sell products in bulk at wholesale prices to Wholesalers, Bulk Buyers and Brands. We also offer white label products from manufacturers to Brands, in the Brands own custom branding and packaging.  

We are always looking for Manufacturers, Factory Owners, Brands and Exporters of high quality products and Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors would be happy to distribute your products in the regions and markets we operate.

Please contact us through Contact Us section of and we would be happy to work with you to review your Products and start the product selection process. The products and product ranges we select will also be included in our curated product collection at


In which Countries and Regions does Castle Arrow currently distribute and sell products?

We are based in the West Coast of USA, in Reno, Nevada – the state bordering California. Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors mainly distributes products in world’s largest markets i.e. USA & Canada.

We distribute products in North America, South America & other European markets and regions we operate in. By distributing and selling your products through Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors, you can scale your business and streamline your Global Export and Sales Operations.


How long will it take for you to select my products, and start carrying and distributing my products?

It may take anywhere between 4 to 8 weeks, from the time we start the product selection process, to your products being selected and being distributed by Castle Arrow. The selected products will be immediately available to high-quality bulk buyers, Wholesalers and Retailers from around the world.


I am a Manufacturer or Exporter or a Brand, How do I supply my products to Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors?

We are excited to see our partner community of Manufacturers and Exporters grow at, we continue to expand our curated collection of products.  Please contact us through the Contact Us section of and we will be happy to guide you through the process. The whole process may take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

(Please do not send us un-solicited samples, we can’t process any samples which are sent to us without being authorization. All samples sent to us must be authorized by our Merchandizers and must carry our assigned Sample Codes to be processed correctly.)

I have lots of products, can you carry all of my products for distribution?

We'll be happy to include as many product from your product range as possible, keeping in mind the interest of our buyers. Any products you provide to Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors to sell and distribute must be your products, and not the product of some other company please.

Most of the products we carry are with in the USD $500 value range. However we do carry some high-value products with much higher price tags.

Please keep in mind that the following products can’t be  at

  • Products that are counterfeit
  • Goods that have been used
  • Products that you are not authorized to sell (e.g., products that you do not make or that are not under your brand. If you represent another brand, we will need a letter from the brand owner)
  • Car seats or harnesses for children
  • Any products that have been recalled
  • Alcohol-containing products of any kind
  • Fresh Meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products and any other perishable foods.
  • Gift certificates
  • Stamps
  • Software and other digital items
  • Services of any kind
  • Currency, coins, cash equivalents, Bitcoin, and other comparable digital currencies are all examples of digital currency.
  • Explosives, and other weapons and related objects
  • Firearms and ammunition for firearms
  • Any product that is harmful, toxic, combustible, biohazardous, unsafe, or dangerous
  • Tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes, vape sticks or any other nicotine product..
  • Narcotics and banned products as per the law
  • Prescription, legal, and illegal medications, as well as products containing any amount of substances
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products
  • Animals or animal products, such as fur, are prohibited (excluding leather goods)
  • Pornography, other obscene materials whether in the form of photos, videos, or other media
  • Products that are culturally insensitive
  • Offensive products that advocate, instigate, or glorify hatred or violence against any person or group
  • Any asbestos-containing or flame-retardant chemicals-containing items
  • Products associated with terrorist groups
  • Lottery-related fine art or gambling-related fine art
  • Flags of the Confederacy merchandise
  • Any other products that Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors, in its sole discretion, deems unsuitable for sale and distribution by


How will you buy products from me?

All Purchase Orders will be issued by Castle Arrow (  On receiving a Purchase Order you should immediately acknowledge the receipt of Purchase Order, and provide us with the expected date of shipping and expected delivery date.

What if the order gets late?

We have commitment to supply products to Wholesaler and Bulk Buyers, and we need to get the delivery on time so that we can meet our product requirements and deadlines.

A penalty of 2% per week will be assessed for the Orders which didn’t meet the ship date and are late. If the order is late by 2 weeks or more, the Castle Arrow will reserve the right to cancel the order at its description.