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Frequently Asked Questions For Wholesale Buyers

What is is the only WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR that makes is it EASY to buy products online at Factory-Direct Wholesale Prices. makes bulk buying Easy and helps you save money.

Buyers, Online Retailers, Independent Retailers and Wholesalers use the to discover new products and take advantage of our factory-direct best-prices to buy bulk quantities. website carries Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors online product collection. We bring products directly to you from Factories, offering you unbeatable wholesale prices at

Do you offer a Castle Arrow Wholesale Mobile App which I can download? is designed to offer rich experience to Mobile phones and Tablet users from Browser. Simply use your browser to go to on mobile phones or Tablets. At the moment we do not offer any IOS or Android Apps.

Why should I buy products in bulk from Wholesale Distributors? Wholesale Distributors negotiates volume pricing and purchases directly from Manufactures and brands. Castle Arrow passes the benefits of factory-direct pricing to the buyers who buy products from us at wholesale prices in bulk quantities. We take advantage of economy of scale

All you have to do is place your order, sit back, relax and enjoy, you get your wholesale order delivered directly to you. No need for lengthy email exchanges, tiring price negotiations and mid-night calls to deal with Factory Owners and Manufacturers overseas.

What Brands do you carry?

Brands we carry include:

  • Coco CoirMats
  • EZ Urns
  • The Urn Factory
  • Kaytra
  • Melam
  • Sanjeevanam

Is there a membership fee to join is Free to join for wholesale buyers, there is no Membership Fee.

How do I buy products in bulk from Castle Arrow Wholesale Distributors?

Simply create your account at, place your order and start enjoying the factory-direct wholesale prices. We provide an easy online bulk buying experience for wholesale buyers.

When you buy for the first time from, we will carry out buyer verification. We will verify your information to ensure that the transaction meets the local laws and tax regulations.

What is included in the listed Price? What about Taxes?

The listed price on is the wholesale price of the product only. Based on your country and local laws, any applicable taxes will be charged extra.

For example, In USA there is no VAT so the listed price will be the final wholesale price.

The other example of added tax could be EU countries. EU countries charge Value Added Tax (VAT), so we have to add the VAT cost to the listed wholesale price of the product. Depending on the jurisdiction, other taxes and local charges if any, will be added to your final invoice.

What about the shipping costs, are they included in the wholesale price? wholesale price only covers the cost of the product and packaging. Shipping cost is charged extra. All Shipping costs are extra based on the destination and the shipment method chosen by the buyer.

Which shipping methods do you offer?

We offer various shipping options depending upon how fast do you want the shipment to be delivered, and the size of shipment.

  • FexEx, UPS, DHL and other couriers
  • By Air
  • By Ship
  • By Ground Shipping

What if I’m outside the United States? Can I buy from

Thanks for your interest in purchasing products from Wholesale Distributors. We are happy to ship and full-fill orders anywhere globally. While the may display wholesale price in your country in local currency for your convenience, please note that all invoicing is done in US Dollars. All payments are finalized in US Dollars.

Please create an account at to get started. All account information must be filled in English. We are excited to have you as an international buyer. 

I just placed an order through Wholesale. What are the next steps?

You will receive an order confirmation email from Castle Arrow. We will work with you to explore various shipping options, and other details. will raise the final invoice against your order along with payment instructions.

Once final invoice is fully paid, your order is deemed to be fully confirmed, and you will receive the order confirmation along with expected delivery date.

How do I order product samples from Wholesale?

We have several sample packages for each product category. These sample packages include various products from that product portfolio category or segment and products are carefully picked to represent that category or segment. Please contact us through and we would be happy to help you select the right samples.